Return Policy

This return policy (hereinafter, “Return Policy”) along with the Terms & Conditions, together constitutes a legally binding Agreement between You and Us.

While this Return Policy states the general terms and conditions, in relation to return of products purchased on the Platform, the detailed terms and conditions in relation to delivery, return and pick up for Products may be specified by respective Vendors.You are requested to carefully read and understand the Vendor specific terms and conditions of return as provided against the respective Products on the Platform.


1.1. The terms and conditions of return are specific to each Product on the Platform and such specific terms, including the option of returns, exchanges, replacement and refunds offered may be displayed by the respective Vendors along with the description of the Product on the Platform.The description of Product may also be accompanied with the shelf life, packaging details, details where delivery and/or pick-up is available, window within which the return may be initiated and the terms of guarantee, warranty and/ or insurance, as applicable.

1.2. In the absence of any specific description regarding the return of a Product purchased by a Customer on the Platform, the terms and conditions of this Return Policy shall apply to the Customer as well as the Vendor.

1.3. In case of any conflict between the terms of this Return Policy and terms of return specified by the respective Vendor in relation to a Product, the specific terms of return specified by the Vendor shall prevail.


2.1. Except as stated in Clause 2.2 below, the Products purchased from the Platform cannot be returned and the payments made on the Platform shall be non-refundable, unless Product description states to the contrary.

2.2. Subject to full payment made against such Product and return being initiated within the specified timelines, a Customer may initiate return of Products purchased on the Platform on the following grounds:

(a) wrong Product has been delivered to the Customer, and return is initiated within 24 (twenty four) hours of delivery;

(b) the Product has been delivered in a damaged condition due to improper packing and/ or tagging/ labelling (for example, a fragile product was not marked as “Fragile” or a perishable product was not marked as “Perishable”), and return is initiated within 24 (twenty four) hours of delivery;

(c) the Product (if manufactured) has a manufacturing defect, and the return is initiated within 30 (thirty) days of delivery; and/ or

(d) the Product is not as per the description given on the Platform by the Vendor, and the return is initiated within 24 (twenty four) hours of delivery.

2.3. The Customer shall take photographs or videos of the Product before initiating a request for return under any of the grounds specified under Clause 2.2. The photographic evidence may be required at any time by our Us, Our logistics team, the pick up agent or the Vendor to verify the claims of the Customer; and absence of such photographic evidence may require Us to cancel Your return, replacement or refund request.

2.4. If return is initiated by a Customer on one of the grounds mentioned above, then, the Vendor shall arrange for a pick-up of the Product from the Customer, either itself, or through a third party person.

2.5. Notwithstanding anything else contained in this Return Policy, no perishable Products shall be returned, however, the Vendor may offer refund in case such Product is expired when delivered or if return is initiated on the grounds mentioned in Clause 2.2 (a), (b) or (d) above,


3.1. The pick-up and processing of return shall be done by the respective Vendor in accordance to the Product description against the specific Products listed on the Platform, and in the absence of such terms, in accordance with this Clause 3.

3.2. Pick-up and return/ refund shall be processed only for such Products which are eligible for return pursuant to Clause 2 of this Return Policy. The Customer may initiate a return of eligible Products within 10 (ten) days.

3.3. Once, return/ refund has been initiated by a Customer, We will inform the same to the Vendor immediately and the Vendor shall arrange for a pick-up of the same within 15 (fifteen) days, either itself or through a third party person.

3.4. After pick-up, for further processing of return/ refund, the Product may be checked in the

following manner:

(a) whether there is any difference in the Product delivered and returned;

(b) whether there is any difference in the condition or wear and tear in the Product from when it was delivered;

(c) whether any additional damage has been caused to the Product while in the possession of the Customer;

(d) whether all accessories, kits, instruction manuals, tags (including price tag), warranty cards and tools delivered with the Product are present and the Product has been delivered as a whole;

(e) whether the packaging of the Product is intact or tampered with.

3.5. The pick-up may be aborted by the pick-up executive in the event it is determined at the time of pick-up that the Product is not-returnable, has been used by the Customer, has been damaged by the Customer, any one or more parts of the Product are missing, the Product has no price tag/ warranty card, instruction manual and/ or any other document that was delivered along with the Product.


4.1. The purchase of products on the Platform shall be non-refundable, unless specifically stated otherwise by the Vendor.

4.2. In case a Product has been returned successfully on the ground that a wrong Product was delivered or the Product was delivered in a damaged condition, then, in lieu of such returned Product, within a reasonable time, another Product with similar specifications shall be delivered by the Vendor to the Customer at no additional cost to the Customer, subject to availability of such Product with the Vendor.

4.3. In the event the Vendor is unable to replace a Product validly returned by aCustomer, then such Customer shall receive a refund of the Purchase Price and the refund amount would be reflected in the Customer’s original payment account within 10 (ten) working days. In the event the payment was completed via cash on delivery, the refund amount would be transferred to the bank account as provided by the Customer to Our logistics team.

4.4. In the event a Product is not eligible for return, then no replacement, return or refund shall be provided against such Product, either by Us or by the Vendor. In case You have any queries or require any assistance with respect to initiating returns, please reach out to our customer care.